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Watches : SO&CO New York Men's Review

Learn SO & CO New York watches, including SO & CO New York analogue, digital and sports watches as well as SO&CO New York Men's 5011L.1 Madison Analog Display Quartz Beige Watch at this watches blog.
SOCO New York Mens 5011L1 Madison Analog Photo

The SO&CO New York Story SO & CO was born in New York, inspired by the City’s dynamic effervescent lifestyle. Our constant emphasis on producing fashion-forward designs, drives our commitment to bridging the gap between high-end fashion and affordability.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Wonderful Fashion Style with Swiss Legend Watches

It is indeed that you can choose unique type accessory to be used when you do your activity every day. By wearing swiss legend watches, your dream in having best appearance will come true. In addition, this type of product is very popular among the world; it is because the shape of this product is amazing and combined with beautiful color that can make you fall in love with it. As a legend watch, you will realize that this type of watch is popular among the world. Of course, you will be able to feel elegant and good mood when wearing it right now.

Swiss Legend Watches
Swiss Legend Watches

Awesome appearance of swiss legend watches will be able to become the main source of your best fashion style. In addition, it is now having good style of texture, shape, and color that you can choose based on your need. You can also find the one that has blue color, yellow color, white color, and many more. You can discover more selections of this watch by checking at the catalogue of product. Many people will spend a lot of times when they decide to choose the best legend watches that they need.

How about the price of swiss legend watches? In fact, the price is affordable so that you do not have to spend a lot of money from it. When it comes to selecting the best watches that come with good appearance and good price, this one will do it. You can also find two combinations of color in one product, for example black color of legend watch will be imbued with white or yellow color also in it. Thus, you will find that this watch can inspire you to do your activity with full of your spirit as you can feel confidence when wearing it.

One thing for sure when you wear this masterpiece of swiss legend watches, you will be able to get high quality of product that comes from experienced brand in the world. The creator of this branded legend watch have more than 10 years of experience to make wonderful watch that can be used by many people. For that reason, if you see this watch is amazing, you should not be surprised. The reason is simple; it is because this watch is created by professional people who will be able to satisfy the customer with elegant design and wonderful shape of legend watches.

Popular Garmin Watches with Affordable Cost and Variety of Shape

In order to make your activity run smoothly, you need to apply good fashion of accessory. This can be done by using garmin watches. This type of watch is good selection of accessory that you can use because it will provide you with elegant shape and design that you can choose based on your need. Nowadays, people prefer to choose smart watches that can be used as garmin feature. For that reason, this selection of watches will be able to help you achieve it. You do not have to worry about the price because the money that you have to purchase for this product is affordable. It cost between 100 – 500 dollars. If you have enough money, you can actually buy the one more than 500 dollars. Of course, it will give you many luxury features also.

Garmin Watches
Garmin Watches

When you choose garmin watches, you have to make sure that you select the one that is suitable to be used for you. The selection of these watches is available for woman and man. For that reason, you just need to choose which one that you like most. Selecting the one that has female design is good selection because you will find watch that has pink color in it. In addition, you can also select the one with black color if you want. There is selection of garmin watches with grey color that you can use. When you want to appear more elegant, you can freely choose this type of watch that has black color in it. It is the most popular color to be used for men.

The design of garmin watches is available with many selections. You can try to select the one that has round shape or you can choose the one with square shape in it. It is up to you to select which one that you like as long as it will suit you best when you use it.

People usually choose garmin watches that have round shape in it. This product comes with 8.0 of rating! It means that this product is the most popular one in the world. It comes with international brand and features that can make you fall in love with it. When you see the appearance of this garmin watches, you may consider that it is simple. However, despite its simple appearance, this type of watch is the best selection of accessory that you can select right now.

The Best Reactor Watches with Amazing Specs

With cool design and nice shape, reactor watches will make your day fill with happiness. This is the best selection of accessory that can be used by those who want to appear amazing every day. When you wear this watch, you will be able to see how it can improve your look in an instant. It is available with variety of color selections that you can choose based on your need. For that reason, you just need to select the one that you like most. If you are the fans of fresh color watches, you can choose the one that has blue and yellow color in here.

Reactor Watches
Reactor Watches

If you want to provide amazing present of accessory to someone that you love, you can consider selecting reactor watches as your best selection. This watch will guarantee you with several types of feature that you can obtain. This watch will give full protection from water so that it will not fragile or break even though you have placed it in the water. If you want to go traveling in interesting places in the world, it is good idea if you spend your travelling time by wearing this nice designed watch.

Many customers said good thing about reactor watches. In fact, some of them have more than one of these watches. They will be able to use different type of watch every day. In addition, it has good silver color imbued in it. It will make this watch becomes elegant and nice to be used. You will find how your appearance can change drastically when you wear this watch. You can also select the best design of this watch that matches with your characteristic. For your information, this type of accessory has been able to make many people feel amazed in it. Most of them fall in love to buy and own this watch when they see it at first time.

It is good idea to combine the fashion style that you apply with reactor watches. If you like to wear black color of clothes, you may be able to appear awesome if you use this accessory to be used in your hand. Make sure to be ready, because you will be able to become source of attention when you wear this accessory. You can choose purple color of watch available too. It is designed amazingly by professional so that you do not have to hesitate about its appearance.

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Reasons Why ESQ Watches are the Best

Many people like to choose accessory of ESQ watches. There are several reasons why choosing this type of accessory is good idea. First, it is international quality of watches that will be able to make you feel proud just for wearing it. This type of watch is useful to be used for boss, director, manager, and employee who want to appear perfect every day. When you can make your appearance becomes nice with great accessory of watches, you will be able to always stay in good mood and do activity well every day. It is good idea to wear this nice accessory when you want to go to work or college.

ESQ Watches Review

In addition, ESQ watches have luxury and elegant design. As a result, it is the best selection of accessory that you can choose if you are the fans of modern watches. Many people love to select watches that have luxury design in it. For that reason, you should not hesitate to choose this watch. The luxury element imbued in this watch comes from great quality of shape applied in it. The professional creator of these watches will be able to make you feel happy and wonderful when wearing their masterpieces.

When you use ESQ watches, you will also find that the combination of color, shape, detail, feature, and appearance of this accessory are awesome. In that case, it is not surprising that many people love to wear this accessory rather than choosing other types of accessory. Moreover, this type of accessory comes with good price that can make you find easier to obtain it. Regarding the price, the most amazing part that you have to concern in this watch is how you will be able to use this accessory for making your appearance becomes fascinating.

The fashion style of these ESQ watches is wonderful. When you wear it, you will feel it. Good quality of watches that have nice appearance will become yours right now, so what are you waiting for? It is time for you to use it. The best type of watch that you like will become your source of attention so that many people will praise you for that. This watch is not only popular in Europe but also popular in some countries of America. As a result, you do not have to worry about the quality of this watch. You will be assured with high quality of product with best facilities in it.

5 Handy Tips To Select Your Perfect Match Watches

There are so many types of men watches on the market. And it can be really difficult to choose the one that suits your style and personality. The truth is, so many people are dazed when they stand at a watch shop just to find out their best matches. I know it.

Your Perfect Match Watches
Image source

That's the reason why today I will share with you 5 useful tips that can destroy the frustration and pin-point the exact watch that suites you. No matter if you are going to buy it for yourself or as a gift, you will know what to do.

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Tip #1: Identify your favorite kind of watch face

We have 3 well-known kinds of watch faces. They are round, square, and rectangular. Among them, rounded face watches are the most popular ones. Finish at the second place is the square watches, with rectangular type stops at third place.

And remember to pay close attention to the size of the face as well. Because if you have small wrist, a big round watch is definitely not for you.

Keep this in mind the next time you pick your watch. It will cross out many unsuitable choices for you!

Tip #2: Can you name your favorite brand?

So, you like Citizen Eco-Drive watches? Or do you like Casio watches? Or Seiko ones?

No matter what, hold on your favorite brand name when you're in a watch store. Unless you don't know what your chosen brand is, this tip can save you much time.

But just in case you have no idea about your chosen watch, you should do some research at home before moving to the shop. Determine what it is first will help you select the best watch!

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Just imagine you're standing in a store and surrounding you are countless gorgeous types of well-known brands. What would you do? It's hard, right?

Tip #3: In what daily activities you usually wear your watch?

Watches are not designed the same way. Maybe your watch is created specifically for business men whereas the watch over there is for athletes only!

See the difference?

If you usually wear your watch in everyday activities such as going to work, or meeting new customers and partners, you should pick a stylish watch. You don't have to choose a luxury one. You just need to show your customer that you're in very good shape with your style and are a confident businessman.

In case you enjoy sport activities such as swimming or mountain hiking, a digital watch with good water proof ability, compass and timer would be excellent! Just to give you some ideas, I like the Casio PAW1500T-7V watch very much. It fits perfectly in this case! But we will talk about it later.

Tip #4: Keep a sharp eye on your budget!

This is where your interest and your financial situation have a big fight!

I don't argue that you should pick the watch that you really LIKE. But it should not be the case especially when it costs you thousands while you still have bills to take care of!

Just draw a line upon the price tag that is affordable and go with it. Don't lose control of your budget. It could be a horrible mistake!

Tip #5: If you want to purchase something, consider purchasing it online!

Because buying things online means you can save a lot of your money!

Online shops don't have to pay much money for storage, maintenance and monthly office renting fees. That's why they don't count it to their products' prices. That means you will benefit from it.

Buying your watch online also means you can sit at the comfort of your home and browsing the online shop. If you don't like something, just pass it and go to the next one. It saves much time in comparison with traditional way of shopping!

Keep this tip in mind the next time you look for something.

Now you have them. 5 handy tips that can not only help you save much time and money but also help you pick up the most suitable watch!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

4 Remarkable Benefits in Raymond Weil Watches

The best product Raymond Weil watches will be able to give you several selections of product that has good quality in it. This type of product will guarantee you with several benefits that you can find. First, you will be able to get luxury type of watches that have affordable cost in it. In fact, many people can buy this product easily without spending a lot of money because this product is available with price that you can afford so much. Make sure to use this product as present for your family or friend. You can also give this special present of watches to someone that you fond and love so much.

Raymond Weil Watches Review

Next, in Raymond Weil watches, you will be able to get product of watches that have good quality of material in it. Having product that comes with good quality is good idea so that you will be able to find durable quality of watches that can be used for a long time. When you want to buy watches to improve your fashion appearance, it is suggested that you select the one with great quality in it. If you can find the best product with amazing quality, you will not regret for choosing it.

Third, in Raymond Weil watches, it is created by professional. As a result, you will find that this product is imbued with amazing design and shape. It will make you feel confidence when you wear it. This is the main reason why many people love to use these awesome watches. In addition, it has many selections of design that you can choose based on your need. This watch also has several colors that you can choose. For that reason, you can choose the best color of this watch that you need. Many people select the one that has bright color in it. Choosing dark color of luxury watches is suggested too.

Fourth, when you select Raymond Weil watches, you will be provided with many features that you can find in this accessory, for example water-resistance feature so that this watch will be able to be used even though it is get damaged with water. The quality of material featured in this product will be able to make you use this product for a long time. By wearing good quality of watches, you will be able to do your activity with best performance. In addition, you can also make your day become perfect with best accessory like this.

Tips on Ordering Wholesale Cartier Watches

Being a wholesaler for a planner Cartier timepiece is a beneficial wander! You can profit by requesting wholesale Cartier watches and after that offering them at the business sector rate. Yes! Regardless of the fact that you give these timepieces at an incredible markdown; you are as of now sitting on a colossal overall revenue. On the other hand, this obliges a ton of arranging and expertise as well. You have to arrange precisely which models of Cartier timepieces and what number of them you need to stock. A careful statistical surveying is the result here. Here are a few tips to guide you on running a beneficial business of offering Cartier watches:

Wholesale Cartier Watches
Image Source:

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o As you know, the more you request from the organization, the higher lessening they will give. Nonetheless, at first you must request the amount that you would have the capacity to offer. Subsequently, it is better to first ponder the amount of watches you would have the capacity to offer and after that put in the wholesale request for these watches.

o There are numerous online wholesalers who offer Cartier watches. So on the off chance that you need to profit in the originator watch fragment, the most paramount step is to choose what to offer. Before you request, get some answers concerning the most well known models in the business sector. By offering these models of in vogue watches, you will have a finer shot of making great benefit right from the earliest starting point.

o Another approach to profit offering in vogue Cartier timepieces is to offer those models that offer quick and provide for you the most noteworthy net revenue.

o Order a couple of pieces however request right is the standard procedure for one thing. Offering rebate to your clients could be beneficial in the long run in the event that you go for keeping up a littler stock and higher benefits.

There is no certain shot approach to turn into an effective specialist offering Cartier watches. Nonetheless, in the event that you take after aforementioned tips while requesting wholesale Cartier watches, you have a decent risk for being effective.

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wittnauer Watches Official Review - All About Watch Repair and History

Wittnauer watches is a luxury watch for men and women. Wittnauer was a watch and timepiece company, founded in 1885 by Swiss immigrant Albert Wittnauer, that is now a brand of the Bulova company.

Wittnauer Watches Official Review

Wittnauer Watches History

Albert Wittnauer was a Swiss immigrant who arrived in New York City in 1872 at the age of 16. He began working for his brother in law, Eugene Robert. A sales outlet had already been established in New York in 1858 by M. P S Broz, who was succeeded by Audemars & Schaffuss, then by F. Eugène Robert & Co. Robert was an importer of fine Swiss watches. With the help of his younger brother, Albert Wittnauer decided there was a need for a watch designed with all of the durability and function the American public demanded but with local production to help keep costs down.

The first Wittnauer's watch line were crafted starting from 1880, but Wittnauer brand was formally established in 1885, when Mr. Robert gave the title to Albert Wittnauer under the name The "A. Wittnauer Company". Wittnauer movements were at the beginning generally made for them by Swiss firms (Revue Thommen and others), while in later years Wittnauer used a number of different sources for their movements. The company began as a small family business, catering to the ever growing world of both scientific and private exploration, which gained them a reputation for use by those who needed reliability: navigators, explorers, and astronomers.

The A. Wittnauer Co. became further involved with the Navy for early tests in the budding fields of aviation and navigation. Of the Wittnauer Company and products, horologist Marvin E. Whitney wrote: "No one company has been more involved in the design and production of so many different types of navigational timepieces and been involved in so many history making expeditions...".

In following years, Wittnauer Co. steadily grew and moved to New York center. During the 20th century it also bought a production plant in Puerto Rico. When the last Wittnauer brother died in 1916, Martha Wittnauer became the first woman watchmaker CEO, and of the first woman ever.

During first world war Wittnauer produced instruments and watches for the early aviation units. The most famous model was probably the Wittnauer AllProof, produced for the first time in 1918, and one of the first all proof model ever, used by daredevill Jimmie Mattern in his attempt to fly around the world e by Neil Armstrong during the Gemini 8 mission. In 1926, the NBC selected Wittnauer Company to provide the official timing for its radio broadcasting.

In 1926 Amelia Earhart made the first solo flew across the Atlantic with her Lockheed Vega-5B equipped with Wittnauer instruments. Wittnauer products were widely used in scientific expeditions and exploration, and was - with Longines movements - one of three contenders for the first mission on the moon as long with Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Daytona.

In 1950 the Swiss company Longines bought Wittnauer and marketed some very similar lines of watches under both brand names, maintaining separate factories. In 1995 Swatch broke the 125-year collaboration between Longines and Wittnauer and took over the Longines distribution. The Wittnauer Company retained its reputation for most of the 20th century. After some budget problems, it was eventually bought by Bulova for 11.6 million dollars.

Tips and Information to Choose a Nice Watch

There are a considerable measure of watches in distinctive stores these days. Picking a pleasant watch that will fit your identity and needs is never a simple thing to do. There are a considerable measure of data and actualities that you need to know for you to have the capacity to pick the best one that you can utilization. There are a few things that you have to recollect for you to have the capacity to pick a pleasant watch to wear.
Choose a Nice Watch

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It is exceptionally paramount that you can figure out what sort of lifestyle you have for you to have the capacity to pick the most fitting watch that you can purchase. Remember that the watch that you need to wear must be fitting to the exercises that you do.

Attempt to figure out what events would you like to wear the watch. On the off chance that you are a bit energetic, attempt to verify that you will get a games watch that will fit your need. Easy watches are additionally accessible for regular utilization. There are a ton of watches with diverse peculiarities for different exercises.


Being sharp and breathtaking is one of things that you additionally need to consider in the event that you need to purchase another look for you to wear. There are a considerable measure of outlines and styles discharged in the business. Verify that you can pick the unified with the most fitting configuration. Attempt to pick the particular case that has a decent face blanket, shape and case. Verify that they will fit your identity. You likewise need to consider the material utilized and the shade joined as a part of the configuration.


A standout amongst the most critical contemplations that you have to make is on the band of the watch. It must fit you flawlessly. Regardless of how great and unmanageable the watch is whether you are not fit to wear it in light of the fact that it can't fit you, it is still pointless. Attempt to verify that the band can fit you.

There are a couple of things that you need to recall for you to have the capacity to pick a decent look for yourself. Remember that the extras that you wear reflect what sort of identity and design you have.

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Michele Watches Review - A Luxury Chronograph Dial Watch Maker

Inspired by his daughter Michele, second-generation watchmaker Jack Barouh began his rise to prominence in the watch industry by creating a line of colorful children's watches that were extremely well received. Sophisticated grown-up designs followed, and ultimately a new fine watch brand was born. Michele Watches made its debut with the celebrated CSX Diamond collection, the first of many collections to follow.

Michele Watches Luxury Chronograph Dial Watch Maker

Michele Barouh herself joined the company in 2000, having quite literally grown up in the business, and now serves as its Creative Director. Michele Watches transcends global boundaries, relying on international designers to create fine quality timepieces for the world market. Sophisticated and unique, the MW Collection displays cutting-edge fashion, an unwavering attention to detail, and an emphasis on quality and value that honors three generations of watchmaking tradition.

Navigate through life with Michele timepieces. Each Michele watch presents an ageless glamour to the modern movement of time. Michele watches celebrates contemporary fashion and romanticism fused with time-honored craftsmanship, luxury and expertise.

Our history begins in Belgium in the 1940's with watchmaker Maurice Barouh's strong belief in quality and refinement. Watches were his expression of choice. His designs are a reflection of his beliefs in craftsmanship, styling and quality.

Maurice ultimately passed his passion on to his son Jack. Operating in the Latin American arena, Jack Barouh proceeded to gain fame as an individual with a keen eye for trends and a dedication to detail. Expressing his heritage, Jack proceeded to design "winners" time and again.

The creation of Michele Watches came with the birth of Jack and Rita's first child, Michele. At first, children's watches were produced; colorful bright pieces that were extremely well received. The success of this product line awakened an interest in building a brand. It was time for Jack to test his talents in other markets. Miami Florida was chosen as the platform for the launch of Michele Watches and the "MW Collection". In the year 2000 the third generation of Barouh's joined the company, Michele, followed by Jeremy Barouh in 2002.

Today, Michele Watches is a $50 million business which has become part of Fossil. Fossil is a global leader in the fashion watch market with a proven track record of attracting and expanding brands. Jack Barouh made the decision in 2004 to merge his company with Fossil in order to give Michele Watches an even greater position of strength in the global watch industry. However, despite being part of a large, publicly-traded company, Michele Watches still operates as a family business, with the design and business decisions made by the Barouh family in partnership with Fossil.

Best Pocket Watch Tips

A Pocket Watch might be a magnificent thing to have. Whether you are intrigued by gathering, gifting, utilizing every day to read a clock, or actually putting resources into this timepiece - they can clearly serve their motivation well.

While wristwatches have made maintained their ubiquity throughout the most recent century, pocket watches were once (and to a lot of people, still are) a genuinely excellent and unparalleled timepiece. Indeed, they were reliable to the point that the American Railway Association in 1893 authorized a strict clothing standard that ordered the utilization of a this timepiece. In spite of the fact that models worn and utilized by rail specialists are presently ordinarily called a "railroad pocket watch", they really aren't! A watch worn by a rail laborer could have additionally been worn by a noticeable attorney or representative around the turn of the most recent century.

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Best Pocket Watch Tips
Image source:

In this time and age, we now esteem and admiration the prime of the pocket watch. We understand that these machines are imperative - not by any plastic device or new electronic gadget - indeed, when the force goes out or when we use up batteries, these unique watches sit, functioning as ordinary, showing the time as though there were no other world outside. They are "unharmed" from numerous points of view by power and engineering; as other people builds their reliance on stopped in or charged-up gadgets to let them know the time, we have our pocket watch.

This past winter I was looking for a blessing for my nephew for the occasions. I knew I was looking for something remarkable, something separated from what other people was purchasing. I began to think about the watches I claim and understood that one blessing, maybe one that was hazardous, was gifting a Waltham railroad pocket watch to him.

Luckily, it was a hit! The watch - size 16, 17 gems, open-confronted - made an impression in him as I let him know that railworkers - working men, who were without a doubt generally in charge of America's modern upheaval and an extraordinary method for transportation throughout the 1800's and 1900's - utilized these same model watches.

I sit here expounding on my gratefulness for this timepiece as one sits here around my work area ticking without end. One regular inquiry I appear to be I converse with individuals with investment like mine is the manner by which to clean a pocket watch.

To start with, the ability to think is the best. In the event that you deal with it pleasantly, your uncommon timepiece can a decades ago, and surely hundreds of years, permitting you to pass it down to family or companions later on. Here are my main 5 top pick (and self-evident) tips for watching over a pocket watch with an ability to think:

1. Keep it in your grasp, or secured on a rack or draw! Dropping one is as incredible as fixing a vessel with scotch tape. It's simply a terrible thought!

2. Pocket watches weren't generally made for great climate. Great chilly temperatures, or hot ones are awful for them. Compelling dampness or aridity can affect the precision of your watch so be cautious. Obviously, some stickiness or dryness is unavoidable so utilize mind.

3. Don't put your watch in a pocket with keys, coins, or other metal articles. Need I say all the more in regards to that one.

4. Utilize a delicate, nonabrasive cloth or fabric to clean or wipe your watch, and its alright to utilize a few sorts of wax clean on the watch case. In any case, be cautious!

5. It is exceptionally prudent to have your watch adjusted and kept up every couple of years. Numerous individuals regularly ask me how to keep up a pocket watch and generally - you don't need to! Proficient gem specialists and watchmakers student for quite some time and are masters in everything watches. You can without much of a stretch get a quote for some required pocket watch upkeep via telephone (as a rule) on the off chance that you have your make and model number accessible. Once in a while a watch repairman will need to see the watch direct, yet there's no mischief in that. It's not an awful thought to visit or call a few spots to get a quote on overhauling. It's not free however it will certainly enhance the nature of your pocket watch and can definitely augment its lifetime.

Well there you have it! I can't stretch enough that keep going point - fitting overhauling is critical. I realize that in a harried economy, or essentially with restricted costs, not everybody can stand to get their timepiece adjusted. In the event that you can't manage the cost of it, be candid with the watch repairman. Here and there they will expand you a break. Generally, if no such fortunes emerges, kindly don't attempt to take matters into your own particular hands! These timepieces are extremely specific gadget and disturbing the moving parts inside could result in you a group of time and cash - or the heartbreaking misfortune of an extraordinary and fantastic timepiece.

Pocket Watch Value

What's my pocket watch worth? This inquiry additionally comes up a great deal when taking to individuals who have an enthusiasm toward pocket watches.

Accepting you have a genuine obsolescent, the "equation" for deciding the estimation of a pocket watch is basic: It is focused around condition. On the off chance that your pocket watch has indications of wear (however not tear, obviously), and maybe a couple of flaws or scratches - then you can consider it in "reasonable condition". Anything in better condition clearly has a superior quality.

While I can't remark on the financial estimation of any one - all things considered, that would be what somebody will pay for it - I trust this can serve as to a degree a rule to you. On the off chance that you are really worried about the estimation of your pocket watch, I can propose you contact a watchmaker or gem specialist for a free examination. On the off chance that you state your aims plainly they would have no motivation to confound the genuine financial estimation of your pocket watch.

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Akribos XXIV Watches Official Review - Any Good Ultimate Swiss Watch

The origin of timekeeping began in Greece. The horological timeline later shifted to the gates of Rome. What happens when you combine the history of both cultures into one wristwatch collection? You get the Akribos XXIV Watch Collection. Akribos means “exact and precise” in Greek. The Roman numerals XXIV represent the 24 hours in a day. The AKRIBOS XXIV Watch Collection combines complicated mechanisms with bold, sophisticated designs to bring you a timepiece collection that is exact and precise….all 24 hours of the day.
Akribos XXIV Watches Review

The Collection of oversized, daring watches filled with lots of personality and character is designed for those who are looking for excellence of style and performance that can be worn on any occasion.

Designed by an experienced team of designers from around the world, the assortment has received rave reviews for the bold, industrial look of the brand that has transcended the conventional look of other watch brands.

By combining the highest grades of materials with daring designs, along with the latest in movement technology, the Akribos XXIV Collection has earned a reputation among watch connoisseurs as the timepiece collection to watch…. all twenty four hours a day!

Tips to Select a High Quality Ladies Watch

A quality watch is not that easy to find. There are a lot of things that you need to consider for you to be able to find a high quality watch that you can buy for yourself. Considerations must be made for you to be able to buy the best one. There are some tips that will surely help you buy a good quality watch.

High Quality Ladies Watch
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One of the most important considerations that you need to make to ensure that you will have a good quality watch is on the mechanism used for it. Mechanical watch is a very reliable watch but it will also cost more than a watch that uses quartz. Mechanical mechanism is one factor that will ensure a good quality item.

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It is very important that you take a look at the materials used for the watch. There are a lot of materials used for watches like gold, silver, stainless steel, rubber and many others. You need to choose the one that will fit your lifestyle. Stainless steel watch is one practical choice. Good quality watch can also be made out of platinum.


There are some watches that use plastic as face cover for the watch. Keep in mind that plastic face covers are for low quality watches most of the time. Try to buy a watch that has sapphire crystals on the face cover to ensure quality.


There are a lot of watches that offer different kinds of features. You must choose the one that you can use fully. Try to check what features will be useful for you. If you are a sporty lady, try to buy a water resistant watch.

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Most ladies always want fashionable watches and one of the factors that they consider is the strap. Try to look for a strap that is durable and stylish at the same time. There are a lot of leather watches that you can choose. You can also see metal watches in the market.

It is very vital that you consider different factors in choosing a watch. Keep in mind that a good quality watch for ladies is never easy to find. You have to take a look at different factors before you can decide on what to buy.

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Gruen Watches Review and Features - Luxury Swiss Rose Gold-tone Watches

GRUEN Watches is a Swiss Rose Gold-tone Stainless Steel Thin Watch with Black Dial. This striking watch was produced exclusively for the European market. It completely sold out in Europe. They were never even sold in the U.S.A. The Gruen Swiss Watch Company is over 130 years old.

Gruen Watches Review and Features
Image source:

Dietrich Gruen, was born in Germany in 1847. At 15 years of age, he was sent away from home to become a watchmaker's apprentice. Later he worked for three years in Switzerland before going to the U.S.A. In 1874 he took out a patent for a safety pinion (U.S. patent no 157’913) for pocket watches, which prevented damage to the watch movement if the watch's mainspring broke.

Around 10 years ago they were acquired by a prestigious watch firm who is fanatically committed in maintain and advancing The Gruen legacy.

Gruen Watches Features

Movement: Swiss made quartz movement.
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date.
Watch Case: Polished round rose gold-tone stainless steel case.

Case is 38mm diameter (without crown), 9mm thick. Push/pull crown with "G" logo. Screw in caseback. Black dial with black textured outer dial. Rose gold-tone hour, minute and seconds hands. Rosegold tone Arabic numbers and hour indexes. Date display at 3 o'clock. Scratch resistant mineral crystal.

Wrist Bracelet: Polished rose gold-tone stainless steel bracelet.
Bracelet Width: 20mm.
Clasp Type: Hidden push button fold over deployment clasp with logo. Will fit 8.5 inch wrist.
Water resistant: 30 meters / 100 feet. Watch comes brand new in GRUEN Swiss box with user manual and two year warranty card.

Tips to Make Metal Bands Watch Comfortable

Metal Bands Watch Comfortable

Watch is an important accessory that you can use every day. But sometimes, there are discomfort that some watches like metal ones bring. It can squeeze your skin and the rough surface can sometimes rub your delicate wrist. There are some tips that you need to learn for you to make the band more comfortable.

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It is good if the band can be adjusted to make fit your wrist. This will ensure that squeezing of skin from wide segments will be avoided. Try to ask assistance from knowledgeable people if you do not know how to adjust the band of the watch. You can go to the nearest jewelry store to have your watch adjusted according to the size of your wrist.

If you have a stretchy band, try to be careful in putting it on. Make sure that you stretch it wide enough for your wrist. This will ensure that your wrist will fit the band. Try to release the band slowly to avoid being hurt.


Sometimes, watches can become uncomfortable if it traps the hair in the area. Watch segments can pull the hair. One good thing that you can do is to remove the hair in that part so that nothing will be trapped and pulled. This will surely reduce the discomfort that you may feel while wearing a metal band watch.


Look inside to see if there are rough surfaces that cause discomfort in your part. If there are rough surfaces, try to use metal file and sand paper to make it finer and smoother. This is one good tip that you can always remember.

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A lining will surely help in making the watch more comfortable. Try to cut thin rubber that you have in your house. Make sure that it will fit the band of your watch. Attach the lining in the inner side of the band using metal glue or any adhesive that is appropriate.

There are some ways that you can do to make sure that you have a comfortable metal watch band. Try to follow them for you to have a nice looking and comfortable watch. These tips will surely help you a lot.

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