Monday, June 15, 2015

Vintage Wood Glass Clear Top Specs

Get this Vintage Wood Glass Clear Top Watch Display Storage Case Chest Holds 10+ Watches With Adjustable Soft Pillows and High Clearance for Larger Watches.

Vintage Wood Glass Clear Top Features

  • High clearance for larger watches
  • Unique quality vintage finish watch case
  • 7 removable soft cushions allows users to store other jewelry such as cufflinks, ring..etc
  • Squeezable soft adjustable pillows allow users to fit small size/lady size watches without stretching the band
  • Clear glass viewing display top

Vintage Wood Glass Clear Top Description

This quality single level unique vintage wood finish watch storage screen case will protect your watch collection from dust and also beautifully screen your classic timepieces through its clear viewing top. The watch case interior is lined with soft fabric to protect your watches against scratches. This quality watch storage box functions 6 compartments with 7 removable squeezable soft cushions (5 little cushions and also 2 large cushions). You may eliminate this cushions to store other items such as body jewelry, cufflinks, spare links, watch tools, diamond rings or earrings. The watch case is secured with a vintage matching lock (key included). This watch storage box will fit large modern watches and also other variety of sizes as well. Watches not included. Watch case dimension 29.7 cm (L) x 20.2 cm (W) x 9.6 cm (H).

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