Wednesday, June 10, 2015

100% Handmade CHIYODA Single Watch Specs

This is the newest review about [100% Handmade] CHIYODA Single Watch Winder With Japanese Mabuchi Motor

100% Handmade CHIYODA Single Watch Features

  • Japanese Motor: Japanese MABUCHI Belt Driven motor system which is extremely quiet and long lasting, running with no noise. Winds one watch at a time.
  • Deluxe Piano Baking Varnish: Brilliant finishing and luxurious design, high-quality solid wooden made. The high-gloss lacquer finish case has an elegant unique look and super compact size.
  • Three Winding Modes: Clockwise(CW), Counter clockwise(CCW) and Automatic bidirectional. Excellent working keeps the accuracy of the TPD(turn per day) and Rotating position.
  • Four Program Settings: Mode 1 (1440/TPD) : 6mins CW, rest for 30mins, repeat. Mode 2 (1440/TPD) : 6 mins CCW, rest for 30 mins, repeat. Mode 3 (5760/TPD) : 20 mins CW, rest for 10 mins, then 20 mins CCW, rest for 10 mins, repeat. Mode 4 (2152/TPD) : 10 mins CW, 10 mins CCW, repeat above for 3 hours, rest for 9 hours, repeat.
  • Two-way Power: Powered by 100-120v AC Adapter(included) or 2X 1.5V Battery (not included). Dimensions: 13 * 12.8 * 15 CM.

100% Handmade CHIYODA Single Watch Description

Why Choose Watch Winder? Watch winders will be machines which keep self-winding automatic watches running whenever not in use. They will be a popular, necessary tool for watch collectors. Automatic watches apply mechanical movements, powered by a rotor or weight which uses gravity and also this constant motion of this wrist. By keeping this watch functioning, this winder also keeps it lubricated while stored. It could effectively dustproof. Convenience The device relieves watch collectors of having to wind and also reset this day/date of their self-winding automatic timepieces. Mechanical watches should become wound daily to remain in good working condition The Machine Watch winders function a little Japanese motor powered by a power supply or AC power outlet to rotate a pedestal which holds this watch. Watch winders function much this same way as this wrist by rotating this watch in various directions to keep it running. Vertical design helps save space and also looks great in this bedroom or office. Piano baking varnish appearance and also Acrylic organic glass for screen deluxe watches. Strong and also durable, not simple to crack and also will not break, could effectively prevent scratch, high transparency and also good safety Top selling gift item!

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