Monday, June 8, 2015

22mm Polished Black Stainless Steel Specs

This is the newest review about 22mm Polished Black Stainless Steel Watch Band Buckle - Signature Edition

22mm Polished Black Stainless Steel Features

  • Made of Marine Grade 316L Stainless Steel that is Resistant to Perspiration and Hypoallergenic
  • Will Fit Almost All Watch Bands with a 22mm Wide Buckle Attachment Point. Please Confirm with the Technical Drawings Provided in the Photographs Section to Verify Fit
  • This Large, Polished Black Stainless Steel Watch Band Buckle will Personalise Your Watch and Make it More Distinctive
  • Very Simple and Easy to Change or Install Your New Buckle with a Spring Bar Jeweler Tool (ASIN: B00DMUOMEU); Delivered with a Single 22mm x 1.5mm Spring Bar (ASIN: B00EZJ8IAG)
  • Elegant, Oversized and Beautifully Made, it Will Be Striking Paired With Your Choice of Watch Bands by SWISS REIMAGINED. Available in Stainless Steel, Rose Gold, Black in both Polished and Brushed with Polished Shoulders Finishes

22mm Polished Black Stainless Steel Description

The "Signature" range of buckles from SWISS REIMAGINED is available for watch bands with buckle attachment points of 18mm, 20mm and also 22mm and also each size is available in four various colors - Stainless Steel, Rose Gold, Gold and also Black - and also each comes in two various finishes - brushed with polished shoulders and also fully polished - for a total of eight various choices to choose from. The shape of this buckle is designed to become large and also chunky, so it will protrude a bit from your watch band and also will definitely look best with larger watches and also chunky bands.All this dimensions will be in this technical drawings provided in this photographs section. Made from marine grade 316L stainless steel, this colors will be introduced by applying a coating using Plasma Vapour Deposition (PVD). Titanium Carbide is applied for black, Copper/Gold mix for Rose Gold or Gold and also each buckle has this SWISS REIMAGINED logo etched in this middle of this cross bar.For watch bands with a 22mm buckle attachment point this buckle is coated with black PVD and also polished and also will give an elegant, fresh look to your watch band. The buckle is delivered with a 22mm spring bar (ASIN: B00EZJ8IAG) and also is simple to install with a Spring Bar Jeweler Tool (ASIN: B00DMUOMEU), which will allow you to personalise your watch with this buckle of your choice in seconds.

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