Monday, June 1, 2015

Tirio Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Specs

Get this Tirio Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Golden Dad Dangle Pocket Watch with Newly Gift Box and Chain.

Tirio Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Features

  • L ★ 100% Brand NEW with excellent workmanship
  • O ★ steel appearance with gold DAD letter & blue roman alphabet in it
  • V ★ Our loveworthy and charming father deserve it!
  • E ★ Come with new design black gift box and metel chain
  • DAD★ Metal Chain Length 375mm (14.5 inches)

Tirio Stainless Steel Pocket Watch Description

Hand wind mechanical watches make superb birthday or Christmas gifts, in addition to great wedding and also groomsmen gifts. They will be also ideal for corporate gifts or for this retirement of a long time employee. Here is an example of a pocket watch with a half hunter skeleton design for anyone which wants this classic look and also practicality of a quality mechanical wind up pocket watch. The watch could be easily set.The watch does not required power supply as it work's on whind up mechanism. Please Take Attention: 1. Once you receive this mechanical watch: ●Setting time: Pull this crown away from base of this watch and also turn this crown clockwise until reaching this exact time. ●Winding this watch: Push this crown back in place along this base of this watch and also winding up this watch clockwise rotation till you feel tight. 2. Do not setting up this Calendar during this time between 21:00PM--3:00AM. 3. For using this mechanical watch in normal situation, this time running will become difference around -15 ~ +35 Seconds per day.

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