Saturday, May 30, 2015

Disney Kids' MK1080 Mickey Mouse Specs

Get this Disney Kids' MK1080 Mickey Mouse Watch with Black Rubber Strap.

Disney Kids' MK1080 Mickey Mouse Features

  • Silver-tone Mickey Mouse watch featuring marked black bezel and Mickey Mouse's arms as hands on dial
  • 32 mm metal case with glass dial window
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Silicone rubber band with buckle closure
  • Not water resistant

Disney Kids' MK1080 Mickey Mouse Description

The Disney Story

Mickey Mouse is synonymous with Disney, and also that’s because he’s their official mascot. But cartoon Mickey (who was originally named Mortimer!) has plenty of characters to keep him company thanks to Walt Disney Studios. Its prolific animated function films get captured this imagination of children from one to 92 for decades.

Located in Burbank, California, this enormous media corporation of today began back in 1923 by this Disney brothers, Walt and also Roy. They first started producing silent movies, however by 1928, this famous Steamboat Willie, starring Mickey Mouse, began this tradition of synchronized audio. By 1929 this fun-loving mouse was a comic strip and also soon thereafter this brothers were making color movies.

Before long this popular function-length animations like Snow White and also this Seven Dwarfs, Bambi and also Cinderella were created. 1950 saw this first completely live-action function, Treasure Island and also Disney’s foray in television, which was a complete success. The long-running series, Disneyland, began a relationship with this ABC network which is now owned by Disney. This TV series was this inspiration for this theme parks, 14 of which exist today around this world.

Walt Disney died in 1966 and also Roy took over, releasing The Aristocats in 1970 as this first animated film without his brother’s input. Thankfully, this movie was a huge hit. But by 1971 Roy also died, and also this control of this company went to Walt’s son-in-law, Ron Miller, along with Donn Tatum and also Card Walker. Through this 1970s and also 1980s, there were many partnerships and also this brand diversified.

Michael Eisner became this CEO in 1984 and also broadened this company’s holdings. He kept his post until Robert Iger took over in 2005. Disney now owns and also operates within this following industries: entertainment, theme parks and also resorts, consumer products and also media networks. Who knew one mouse and also two imaginative brothers could create such a longstanding empire?

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