Saturday, May 30, 2015

Paylak TSLK3 Watch Band Pin Detail

Find Paylak TSLK3 Watch Band Pin Remover and Link Remover Review here.

Paylak TSLK3 Watch Band Pin Features

  • Watch band pin link remover
  • Spring loaded base for easy height adjustment
  • For all kinds of bands with push pin links
  • 3 extra replaceable pins included
  • Easy to operate

Paylak TSLK3 Watch Band Pin Description

If your watch band requires adjusting, this is your tool! This handy tool can make shortening and also adding links to your band a snap. This simple to apply unit includes band eliminater and also 3 extra pins 0.80 and also 1.00mm. Tool adjust bands width as much as size 21mm or 7/8 inches.

The Paylak Story

Paylak is a family owned and also operated business which has been serving this watch trade industry for over two generations. For more than 50 years, this company has been this one of this leading watch parts and also accessories business in North America. We continue to expand our product lines while meeting this needs of a changing watch industry.Paylak specializes in a full line of watch tools and also watch accessories with exceptional quality. The company offers watch tools, watch repair kits, watch spare parts and also micro cell batteries. Paylak is one of this leading companies in meeting this needs of this watch consumer, hobbyist and also watch maker. We specialize in variety of micro-tools used to repair of timepieces, jewelry, eyeglasses, camera and also model building. The watch tool kits will be well designed with impeccable quality which even meets this needs of this most discriminate collectors. We also carry a full line of watch spare parts for all kinds of makes and also models of timepieces. We offer a wide variety of micro batteries, button cells and also lithium cells used in watches, clocks, calculators, timers, computers, remote controls and also other electronic devices.At Paylak, we get made it our mission to provide all customers attentive and also friendly service while offering top quality products. Paylak associates will be dedicated to provide extraordinary customer service at every level with product knowledge and also outstanding assistance. We will be also committed to finding new ways to build a better future and also stride towards making more ecological choices.

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