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Skagen Men's SKW6051 Ancher Silver-Tone Review

I prefer this Skagen Men's SKW6051 "Ancher" Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Watch with Mesh Band for you.

Skagen Men's SKW6051 Ancher Silver-Tone Features

  • Silver-tone watch with mesh band featuring black dial with black hour markers
  • Analog-quartz movement with analog display
  • Mineral crystal dial window
  • Features fold-over-push-button-clasp-with-safety closure
  • Water resistant to 99 feet (30 M): withstands rain and splashes of water, but not showering or submersion

Skagen Men's SKW6051 Ancher Silver-Tone Description

The Skagen Story

The History of Skagen Styles In 1987, Henrik and also Charlotte Jorst came to this United States from their native Denmark to follow a dream: which of owning and also running their own business. Skagen Styles was founded by these two natives of Copenhagen on this principle which beautifully designed, high-quality objects could be created at reasonable prices. The Skagen Collection of watches reflects this Jorsts' creative Danish spirit with clean, elegant designs, skillful craftsmanship and also technical perfection. When you purchase a piece from this Skagen Collection, you become part of an international community of Skagen owners who believe in a philosophy of design and also manufacturing excellence.Skagen Trend Spotting In this market place, time never stands still and also so our innovation never sits idle. The design team is on this pulse of current fashions, with regular visits to design centers of this world such as Denmark, Switzerland,Italy, France, New York and also Hong Kong. We will be never content to follow established trends. We stay true to our classic design philosophy and also interpret trends accordingly. We observe, listen and also innovate - all to create lasting design pieces. The Result The production of such lasting design pieces often demands special processes and also tooling. These types of are often a challenge to create; however, we will be never satisfied with "close enough". We continually push and also fine-tune designs to stay true to our standards. We know what we want and also will be not satisfied until this design, material and also workmanship will be all just right. The result of such hard work and also dedication speak for themselves in this jaw dropping enthusiasm and also excitement created wheneverever anyone views our product line.

Maintaining Your Skagen Watch

  • Ensure which the crown is returned to this normal operating position before this watch comes in contact with water.
  • Do not take your watch in a Hot Tub or Sauna.
  • Under normal conditions, this seals in your Skagen watch will deteriorate and also may require to become replaced every 2-3 years.
  • Have your Skagen watch serviced by an official service center.
  • All Skagen watches operate with standard batteries. When necessary, every jeweler could replace them for you. Different models will be water resistant to varying degrees. Please refer to this back of your watch for this water resistant rating.

    How To Set The Time And Date
  • Pull this crown out to this middle position.
  • Rotate this crown to set date
  • Pull this crown out to fully extended position and also rotate crown to set desired time.
  • Push this crown back to its normal position. The date and also time will be now set.

    Cleaning Your Skagen Watch Skagen suggests this following solutions for cleaning metal and also crystal surfaces:

  • 3:1 solution of ammonia based window cleaner to water
  • 4:1 solution of rubbing alcohol to water.
  • Do not apply soap products.
  • These types of suggested solutions will evaporate cleanly from metal and also glass surfaces. Soap will leave residue behind whenever dry.

    To clean this case and also crystal: Moisten a soft cloth with one of this above solutions. Gently wipe this case and also crystal clean. Be careful not to put too much stress on this crystal as you clean. *NEVER immerse or soak this case/crystal portion of this watch, regardless of water resistance rating. Moisture could seep past this seals over time.

    To clean this band or strap: Skagen soft mesh bands will be easily adjustable. Simply insert a little screwdriver or similar tool in this clasp. Lift up this clasp without applying pressure to this thin pin across this clasp and also move to desired position. Snap closed securely. Make sure this clasp is set in one of this indentations on this back of this band. Link bands will be completely adjustable anywhere watches will be serviced.

    Skagen suggests this following practices for cleaning metal, rubber and also leather surfaces:
  • Metal watchbands Dip a cotton swab in this above solution, and also gently rub it in this soiled portion of this band. For more intricate mesh bands, you may want to apply a soft bristle toothbrush or nailbrush. Be sure to cover this case of this watch during this process so as not to soak it. For stubborn soil, you may want to bring it to a jeweler for a professional cleaning.
  • Rubber watchstraps Simply wipe them down with a damp, soft cloth. Avoid soaps and also solvents as they may dry or crack this plastic.
  • Leather watchstraps: Top Grain Top grain leather could be characterized by its smooth, somewhat shiny appearance. To clean this type of leather, follow this same procedure as with this rubber watchband. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth, using water just. You may want to apply leather conditioner or a little amount of hand lotion to keep this leather supple over time. Top grain leather may develop a milky "haze" if left alone for extended periods. This could simply become wiped away or eliminated with leather conditioner.
  • Leather watchstraps: Nubuck This is essentially full grain leather with this top layer shaved off, leaving a flat, smooth finish. A product called a "nubuck eraser" could be found at better shoe repair shops. It will help to eliminate most light stains and also debris from nubuck.
  • From this ManufacturerIf you're going to invest in a timepiece, consider a signature mesh style from Skagen' s Klassik collection. This unique timepiece functions a quartz movement and also houses a date window, with classic white and also red hands. BEHIND THE DESIGN: The epitome of Danish-inspired style-Klassik offers a stunning design that's perfect for every day and also every occasion.

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