Thursday, May 28, 2015

VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Watch - Detail

Find VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Watch - White Review here.

VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Watch - Features

  • 12 Daily Alarms with vibration, sound or both
  • White silicone watch strap with stainless steel buckle
  • Fits Wrist Sizes Ranging Approximately: 5" - 7 3/8"
  • Lock Out Feature to avoid accidental setting changes and to prevent children from tampering with programmed settings
  • Hassle free 30 day returns and exchanges from LIBERTY Supply!

VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Watch - Description

The VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Watch in White is this ideal watch for a kid or an adult with a little wrist who requires to become reminded of daily tasks throughout this day while ensuring confidentiality and also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing outlook. The well trusted VibraLITE brand is well known for their long lasting and also durable watches. This simple, yet aesthetically pleasing and also classy watch offers you this capability to set as much as 12 alarms throughout this day in vibration, audio, or both. The variety of alarm choices ensures your choice of confidentiality for your or child's daily tasks. Using the capability to simply set 12 alarms throughout this day, you will be able to save yourself this inconvenience of individually resetting up a separate alarm after every alarm. Using classy, black and also white contrasting colors, VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Watch in White includes a backlit screen with large digital numbers which are simple to see. Whether you will be at school, home, or work this VibraLITE Mini Vibrating Watch in White is this perfect accessory and also alarm for all occasions. The VibraLITE MINI Vibrating Watch also offers a countdown timer with repeat option and also lockout function. The VibraLITE Mini in White lockout function allows you to avoid accidental setting up changes and also could be used to prevent children from tampering with programmed setting ups

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